Day 22: Do you dance?

Most humans have an inbuilt sense of rhythm—even if we’re not natural dancers, we tend to be compelled by a beat.

In the frozen north and Europe, most of us have our desire to dance crushed as we grow older.

Dancing was taken from us and placed on a stage, the preserve only of prima ballerinas and those highly trained in the art of movement.

But watch toddlers move to music and you’ll see how we just want to move to a beat.

If you go elsewhere in the world—to Ghana, say—people there will often be confused if you say you “don’t dance” because dancing is for everyone. It’s not about putting on a show to impress; it’s about connection, community, and simple joy in music and movement.

Dancing is joy.

So today I ask you: do you dance? If not, why not? Unpack that and write about it.

And if you DO dance—HURRAH!—write about how it makes you feel.

Set your timer for at least 5 minutes and write.

Then put some music on and move your body. Dance. Like nobody’s watching.

Then write about how THAT made you feel.

Happy writing!



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