Day 18: What made you feel rich as a kid?

Ooh this is a good question.

Cos we never had a SodaStream and some of our friends did—our friends who were slightly richer than we were. So I always thought of the SodaStream as the pinnacle of wealth when I was little.

The SodaStream was a means of making fizzy drinks right there at home—no more having to save up pocket money or ask mum and dad for a treat—you had fizz on tap.

Or some of us did.

What made me feel rich though?

Books. My parents never said no to a new book or a trip to the library. So I had a lot of books and I knew I was rich.

And also if I did a job that was outside of my normal chores, my parents would pay me a little money—maybe 50p or £1—and then I’d heft the weight of the coins in my pocket or purse, and feel rich.

And I’d go to the local corner shop with my friends and buy a 10p mix. Being able to buy a 10p mix myself, with my own money, made me feel rich.

How about you?

Set a timer for 5 minutes and write!

Happy writing!



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