Day 17: Brew Monday

If you’ve spent any time in my world at all, you’ll know I bloody LOVE tea.

Monkey tea for preference (PG Tips—their mascot is a monkey), followed by Yorkshire Tea, and I love any and all kinds of herb and fruit teas.

In fact, I’m a member of Bird and Blend tea club, which sends me three different caffeine-free teas a month. They’re my afternoon sups and they are YUM.

I have a couple of writing ideas for you today—you could write about tea, or coffee, or the hot beverage of your choice... or you could write about this day.

I’m pretty sure Brew Monday was set up to counter “Blue Monday”, which is the third Monday in January—said to be the saddest day of the year.

Of course, it was dubbed Blue Monday by a travel company, which doesn’t have any vested interest in making people feel miserable and want to escape...

Plenty to write about here, so set your timer for a minimum of 5 minutes and scribble away.

Even better: brew up a cuppa and come and try out the Team Moxie Power Hours—just £1.20 for a week. You don’t have to write alone!



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