Day 18: Winnie the Pooh Day

The more it snows (Tiddely pom)

The more it goes  (Tiddely pom)

The more it goes  (Tiddely pom)

On snowing

And nobody knows  (Tiddely pom)

How cold my toes (Tiddely pom)

How cold my toes (Tiddely pom)

Are growing

So said Winnie the Pooh, who wrote this little ditty for Eeyore, the misery-donkey.

This is the kind of song I write for myself. I once made up an entire song about pie, and it had only two words. “Pie” and “delicious”.

Maybe you’d like to write a little ditty about the weather where you are. Or about Winnie the Pooh. Or a donkey you know who is sad.

Where does this prompt take you, friend? Set your timer, and let’s find out.

Happy writing!



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