Day 16: What’s top of your brain now?

Seriously, write down the first things that pop into your head.

For example: it’s Easter this weekend, that means I can open my giant fancy Easter egg yay! I wonder how the Easter Bunny was involved in the resurrection.

Wait, I know: the cave was actually a burrow and all the activity awoke the Easter Bunny.

Kidding, I know this is a mashup of pre-Christian pagan rituals and Biblical stories.

I love how stories evolve over time, and absorb older traditions.

We don’t have any Easter traditions, other than eating too much chocolate and hot cross buns.

I’d quite like to learn how to bake hot cross buns.

^^ see how this works?

Allow your stream of consciousness to pour out of your brain and down your arms into your fingertips and onto the page.

You might be pleasantly surprised (or mildly horrified) at what emerges…

Set a timer and go go go!

Happy writing!



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