Day 13: Your favourite jewellery

Jewellery’s a funny thing. Since time immemorial, humans have decorated their bodies with shiny stuff.

Some of the earliest human burials contain jewellery.

Even some animals wear “jewellery”—like the decorator crab, which uses pieces of coral for camouflage.

And the white-spotted pufferfish creates beautiful geometric patterns in the sand to attract a mate. (seriously, google it, they’re stunning little fishy sand gardens).

Today’s prompt is this: think of a piece of jewellery that means a lot to you, and write about why.

Maybe it’s your wedding or engagement ring. Or an heirloom that used to belong to a cherished grandparent. Or a watch handed down through generations.

Or perhaps it’s a plastic ring out of a bubblegum machine given to you by your childhood sweetheart 20 years ago.

Set your timer for 5 minutes and write—and perhaps this will form the beginning of a beautiful story...



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