Day 12: Saturday tea

On Saturdays when I was little, teatime would always be the same.

I’d have been dancing in the morning, then horseriding all afternoon, working in the stables in return for a lesson.

Then I’d have a bath and it’d be teatime—sausage and mash and either peas or baked beans, in front of The A-Team and Knightrider. I’d read my books after that, and maybe watch Catch Phrase and some other quiz shows later on.

I’d forgotten some of those details until I sat down to write this prompt. Which is what writing prompts do—they trigger buried memories. Some good, some bad, some amusing.

What did you use to have for your tea on a Saturday afternoon?

What else do you remember?

Set a timer for 5 minutes and see what springs to mind.

Happy writing!



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