Day 1: Best gift ever?

When I turned 40, I was lucky enough to receive some fab gifts, but I think the best one was from my cousin.

She bought me a reading spa at a wonderful bookshop called Mr B's, in Bath. She knows me well, does my wonderful cousin.

When you book your spa, they ask all sorts of questions about what you like to read.

Weeks later, when you arrive, your reading spa therapist brings you a cup of tea and you talk about your favourite books (and your not-so-favourite books).

Then they bring you cake and disappear for a while.

When your therapist comes back, they're laden down with a big pile of books, and you talk about them together and decide which ones you want to buy now (almost all of them, obviously).

It was the most delightful day, perfectly me, and I was fizzing with excitement to discover so many fantastic new books and authors I may never have otherwise chosen.

I'm telling you this story because a) if you know a book lover, you MUST treat them to a reading spa and b) today I want you to write about the best gift you've ever had.

That's your writing prompt for today. What's the best gift ever? Set a timer for 5 minutes and... GO. If you want to write for longer, have at it! If 5 minutes is all you can do today—well done.

Really dig into how the gift made you feel and what it means to you. Write about who it was from, and why that person got it so right.

Happy writing!



p.s. There are two other birthday gifts I've had that rival the reading spa, both from my lovely husband Joe. Some years ago he bought me a chainsaw because he rocks. And on my 40th, he took me to an owl sanctuary and small animal farm, where I spent a happy couple of hours covered in miniature goats (see pic).

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