Day 8: Memorable lesson

Ah, my most memorable lesson was a history lesson.

We’d been learning about World War 1 and there were a lot of dates and names and boring old facts I couldn’t retain.

Then, one afternoon, the teacher pulled the blinds down and wheeled out the old TV on a trolly, and showed us Blackadder’s Over The Top. That’s the episode where all the young soldiers rush out of the trenches and die immediately in a hail of gunfire.

That lesson brought home to me the futility and horror of war, and the reality that it’s not glory and medals; it’s waste and misery. And it showed me that those in charge really don’t know what they’re doing most of the time.

The story from that lesson stuck far harder than any number of dates and facts ever could.

Stories have power. Are you writing yours?

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Happy writing!



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