Day 7: Memorable teacher

Are there any teachers that stand out from your school days?

For positive or negative reasons?

I’ve been racking my brains and all I can come up with is teachers who traumatised me in some way—like Mrs Stubbs in primary school with her slipper for naughty children. Or Mr McGinty who screamed at me in a corridor when I was laughing, and put me in detention. All I learned from that was that school was not for being happy in.

I remember our Latin teacher who was always a target for kids’ bullying. Looking back I feel so sorry for him. He was a very strange man, and adult me can empathsize. Child me was just glad there was someone who was odder than I was.

I do remember, though, a maths teacher in my middle school who noticed I was bored and bright, and put me in an advanced group with the headmaster, with two boys. We studied algebra, and he pushed me to take the entrance exam to a private school.

I wish I could remember his name because he was the first one who saw something in me other than quietness, oddness, and boredom. He showed me I could do far more than I was perhaps expected to. I was lucky and he was an angel.

It wasn’t about the maths. It was about looking up and out.

Set a timer and write about a memorable teacher for you.

Happy writing!



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