Day 8: A great victory!

Today’s prompt is actually inspired by a great failure.

My failure to eat proper lunch. I only ate beige food.

Example: a jar of lemon curd for lunch. With a spoon. Out of the jar.

Adulting fail. Sugar meltdown.

Why? Because one of the things I struggle with is, well, doing things. Like eating lunch that isn't beige. Or at all.

So what’s my victory? My victory was, a couple of months ago, asking my Team Moxie for help—and they suggested making a menu that I follow every day and every week, and making it so easy I can’t not do it.

I added “roast veg and cous cous” to the list, and immediately removed it—because that is simply too many things for me to do, and instead I ate nothing.

But the rest—like veg and hummous, or pitta feta salad pockets, or pasta + pesto, or poached eggs on toast—all super simple and I can do them.

So Joe goes shopping for me on a Friday and gets all the ingredients I need, then I simply spend 5 minutes making lunch.

That is a great victory. Because now, mostly, Joe comes home and I am a stable human.

Before, he'd come home to a puddle of hot mess because I’d either not eaten all day, or I’d had orange smarties for lunch.

So tell me, friend.

What’s been a great victory for you recently?

Set a timer for 5 minutes and write your truth!

Happy writing!



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