Day 3: Your favourite sammich

I know this is gonna sound weird (following on from yesterday’s prompt)…

But my favourite sandwich is a raw mushroom sammich.

That’s it.

Just bread, butter, and sliced raw mushrooms.

I don’t remember when I started making them—probably as a teenager when there was nothing else to eat that appealed because I was vegetarian and my family was not.

They’re great. I understand why people look at me strangely, but I love them. They kind of remind me of cold chicken sandwiches back before I was vegetarian. Not sure why.

Possibly because everything tastes like chicken…

Anyway, set a timer for 5 minutes and write about your favourite sammich. Not just the sammich, but why you love it.

When you first made and ate it.

What it means to you—if anything—other than a means of inserting calories into your body.

And how, if it’s a bit weird, you’d persuade someone else to try it.

Happy writing!



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