? long train journeys are the best

There's something about trains that makes me grin.


Not overcrowded misery-filled peak-commuter-punch-up trains, of course, but a long train journey that starts in the early morning is a treat for me.

Especially when I'm lucky enough to be in a brand new carriage with swanky seats and plugs and heating. Trains are kind of romantic, aren't they? Whisking you away to somewhere new and exotic and different.

(or, okay, sometimes just somewhere else)

I live in the middle of nowhere, which means it takes hours to get anywhere. I could have driven to Tunbridge Wells today, but that would have meant more than 7 hours driving.

Instead, I'm spending 9 hours on trains.

Which is bloody brilliant because that's at least 7 hours of writing time.

I have been known to take myself on a train journey just for the journey. If you look around, you can find first-class tickets for very little money.

So on occasion, if I know I have a project to finish or I want to get a chunk of writing done, I'll buy myself a ticket to somewhere far away, with as few changes as possible, and settle down to write.

Maybe at the other end I'll spend a little time, have a wander around, grab a bite to eat, stretch my legs.

Then I'll trundle back again.

I love trains. I love working on trains.

Have you tried it?

Next time you know you have a chunk of work to do – or if you're writing your book and struggling to set aside a chunk of time – book yourself a long train journey. Find some cheap first-class tickets to anywhere and settle in.

Maybe it's the constant background white noise. The clacks and clatters as the train rolls over joints in the track.

Possibly it's the gentle rolling motion as we munch through the miles.

Most likely, it's the change of environment and forced limitations of your personal train space. There's not much you can do other than work, or read, or snooze.

Sometimes settling in to work is hard. Really hard.

Particularly if it's a book or project you've been working on for ages. You just get sick of it, right? I do. I have moments where I just don't want to do it anymore.

Instead of pouting and procrastinating, I change my environment. Put myself somewhere novel and see what happens.

(Okay okay, sometimes I still pout and procrastinate.)

Take a long train journey. See where it takes you.

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