Your body is incredible

My body is a thing of wonder.

And so is yours.

I’m two weeks into a six-week handstand course right now and the teacher, Kyle Wieger, is super. Yes, there’s lots of drills and skills and strength and flexibility training and technique, as you’d expect…

But this week he reminded me of something we often forget: to be grateful for what our bodies can do.

I’ve spent so much time focusing on what my body can’t do (like tuck-ups into handstand), and what my body looks like.

It’s so easy to scroll Instagram and marvel at people doing the most incredible acrobatic moves on poles, trapezes, and floors… and wish we could do that too.

I get so frustrated with myself because I "should" be able to do all those things too. Right now.

And I forget.

I forget how incredible my body is. How lucky I am to be strong and healthy. How amazing it is that I can flick myself upside down and balance on my hands even for just a few seconds!

And I’m so grateful for being able to do that.

Whatever you want to be able to do — handstands, aerial moves, writing, playing a musical instrument, learning a language — take a moment and focus on what you CAN do.

Be grateful for what you can do.

Your body and mind (which are inextricably linked) are incredible. What you can do with them is wondrous.

So work on that trick. Learn that language. Write that book.

You CAN do it. I promise.

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