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Episode 330: MicroBook Magic Showcase Special

Show NotesThis week you’re in for a treat — I invited my MicroBook Magic authors to come and join me live and read from the MicroBooks they’ve been writing during November. And now you


Episode 329: 3 Pieces of Writing Advice I Hate

Show NotesJoin Vicky and Joe for a little rant about bad advice — and some profound deep thoughts about socks from Joe. In this episode, Vicky and Joe share three pieces of writing advice

Road disappearing into dark night, with stop sign

Going Through the Motions

For a while, I lost my trapeze mojo.I looked everywhere: down the back of the sofa, at the back of the wardrobe, in the Kitchen Drawer of Doom… but it was no good.Mojo was gone.I’d drag myself into

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The One True Way to Write a Book

If you Google “how to write a book” you’ll get 10,850,000,000 results. Ish.There are “ridiculously easy” methods.“Proven guides.”“Simple steps.”Many “foolproof” systems.Some of


Episode 328: RePod: Writing in Community

Show NotesThis week, amidst Covid and wedding anniversaries, Vicky runs out of time and reissues an old podcast episode about writing in community. It’s a good one, though. Listen in and discover


Writing for Joy

A few weeks ago, I had a moment (several, actually) of despair.Despair about everything that’s going on in the world. Despair because I had created some things I thought were really cool, but nobody


Episode 327: Writing Advice from Terry Pratchett

Show NotesJoin the plague house as Vicky and Joe discuss Covid (she has it), retelling the Greek myths from a woman’s point of view, and 10 wonderful pieces of writing advice from Vicky’s


Episode 326: Feel Good Where You Write with Hannah de Keijzer

Follow Hannah:Guest Info — Hannah de KeijzerAs a nonfiction editor and writing coach, Hannah helps folks turn bold ideas into compelling books and build sustainable, enlivening creative practices.


Episode 325: How long should it be?

Show NotesJoin Vicky and Joe as they discuss: does size matter? Joe is zooming in from a glamorous Tesco car park, but that doesn’t hamper their efforts at talking about how long books should


How Long “Should” Your Book Be?

Who says a book has to be 80,000 words and 300 pages?I wonder if that’s what puts amazing people off writing one: the idea of slogging out tens of thousands of words, over thousands of hours, all those

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