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Episode 324: Should I imitate my favourite writers?

Show NotesThis week, Vicky and Joe about retelling the Greek myths from a female point of view, before moving onto the main event: should you imitate your favourite writers? The short answer:


3 Pieces of Writing Advice I Hate

(And What I Do Instead)No fucking about today.I’m getting right to the heart of the writing advice I’ve tried and profoundly disagree with.There’s a bunch more writing advice I take issue with


Episode 323: I Hate My Book

Show NotesThis week, Vicky and Joe consider what would happen if Vicky had got eaten by a bear in Canada, then wander onto the subject of how mean Joe is. Eventually, they get to the heart of

Neil Gaiman smiles

Writing Advice from Neil Gaiman

Every now and then I like to grab a favourite writer of mine (metaphorically speaking I do not assault authors) and share some writing advice I love.This week: Neil Gaiman!I discovered Neil Gaiman’s


Episode 322: RePod Would you like to play a game?

Show NotesWhen's the last time you played? When were you last really silly? This week, Vicky and Joe are back and they're talking about nerding out with their mates: find out what they get up

Toronto Walk of Fame star for Margaret Atwood

Should You Imitate Your Favourite Writers?

“I’ll never be able to write like that!” is a thought that occasionally crashes through my mind like a rhinoceros in bovver boots—usually when I’m reading Terry Pratchett or Anne Lamott or


Episode 321: Self-Publishing + EPIC Snobbery

Show NotesGrab a cuppa and settle in while Vicky holds her very own TED Talk on why snobbery about self-publishing can get in the bin. Yep: riffing off an article in which someone wrote “self-publishing

Halle Bailey as The Little Mermaid

We Need to Feel Seen

There is a new Disney movie coming out, and it’s a live-action version of The Little Mermaid!Hurrah!Except… this one is somehow, incomprehensibly, controversial.Because Ariel is played by Halle Bailey,


Episode 320: How to Avoid Looking Like an Amateur

Show NotesAfter approximately 27 seconds of giggling, Vicky and Joe tell you all about their holiday to Barcelona, Harriet’s beautiful wedding, and then finally launch into a quick “how

Googly eyes on the side of a caucasion hand

Turn Off Your Reader

You’ve got writer’s block?That SUCKS.Have you tried turning it off and on again?Your reader, I mean.If you’re stuck and you can’t get your book moving—turn off the reader inside your head lest

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