Roast potatoes for brains

Post-festive-sludging and I feel like my head is stuffed with roast potatoes.

I am struggling to form a coherent thought, let alone write about one.

This is extraordinarily vexing to someone who writes for a living.

I've also just dribbled non-alcoholic beer out of the side of the can, down my chin, and onto my jumper.

But back to the not-writing.

I've sat in front of my laptop for two hours and written the grand total of 244 utterly crap words. I've also deleted and/or filed 200 emails. And saved some lemmings.

I wrote my 750 words in the end. I even started writing a story, of sorts. Every single one of those words was awful, but they're better than no words at all.

I'm not sure what my point is, today, other than that it's a good idea to put neer into glasses if you're prone to dribbling from cans.

Oh, and that if you ever look at a writer whom you think has all their shit together, just remember they've probably just dribbled their drink down their chin...

p.s.  My real point is that it's okay if you have a bad day when you're doing a habit. Sometimes those days are the most important of all, because that's when it's easiest to give up.

Don't give up.

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