Peel your eyes

Horrible expression, isn't it, keep your eyes peeled.

Like they're grapes.


I apologise for the tangent before we've even got started, but I wanted you to keep an eye out for something.

A phenomenon I've noticed.

This phenomenon goes thusly:

  1. Entrepreneur writes first book (yay!)
  2. Entrepreneur publishes book (yay!)
  3. Entrepreneur wants other people to publish books too (yay! You know I'm on board with that)
  4. Entrepreneur wants to TEACH other people to write books.

Okay. Now I want to slide to a gentle halt because this is where things get sticky.

I'm fully on board with things 1-3. That's fantastic (it is, after all, what I am put on this Earth to do).

When it comes to Thing 4, though, we need to slow down. I get it - because when you do something as brilliant as write and publish your own book, you want to shout about it and show people and encourage them to do the same and help them.

The problem, though, is they've only ever written a book for themselves. They've only ever used their own method.

Their method may work brilliantly for them - and maybe for a bunch of other people like them.

But doing it yourself and being able to teach it ain't the same.

If you're looking for a book-writing mentor or teacher or coach, do your homework. Have they worked with a bunch of different people, or only on their own books?

Do they have more than one method of doing things, or do they stick to a rigid framework?

The reason I ask is because, once upon a time, I was that entrepreneur.

Around six years ago, a chap came to me and asked me to coach him to write his book... and it turned out I couldn't help him. He didn't fit into my process.

We parted ways (amicably) and he wrote his book with someone else, and that was absolutely the right thing for him to do.

That was a big lesson for me: there isn't one way to do things and not everyone works the same way I do.

So I changed the way I did things. I listened more and talked less. And I started showing people options based on who they are and what they need.

I've worked with dozens of business owners to help them write their books and encountered dozens of situations, challenges, and ways of working. They're all valid.

Writing a book isn't about shoehorning people into a rigid framework; it's about working with individuals to coax the book out of them as efficiently and effectively as possible.

So listen to enthusiasm, be buoyed by it - maybe try their services and you'll be a great fit. But be aware: one framework may not fit all.

Instead, seek out mentors and coaches who listen and learn and give you what you need.

p.s. I have two book-writing options at the moment: join the Power Hour here and be part of a fantastic group of people and write your book (or anything else) in daily live writing sessions.

Second: I have had a coaching slot open up for late September. If you're interested, hit reply and let me know and I'll send you all the details and a link to book a 15-minute call to see if you're a good fit.

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