One 3-star review ⭐⭐⭐

The blood drained from my face and I was in instant panic mode: mouth like sandpaper, stomach churning.

The backs of my eyes prickled and I gulped.

Joe, alarmed: "What's up?"

"This. Look. I don't know why I'm doing this."

I thrust my phone under his nose.


He was baffled. I was outraged: how could he not SEE?

Me, wailing: "I got a 3-star rating on Amazon!"

Joe: *backs away slowly*

Our brains are TROUBLE.

They want us to suffer. I truly believe this. Or why would I be wailing over a single 3-star rating on Amazon when every other review is a 5-star rating?

It's not even like a 3-star rating is a bad rating!

Plus it didn't come with an actual review. So the person might have accidentally hit 3 stars instead of 5 stars, as my Moxie Author Sarah helpfully pointed out.

But no, my brain goes immediately to the absolute worst-case scenario: that the reader hated my book and I must immediately set fire to my business and get a job in a supermarket.

Even writing this I'm aware of how ridiculous it sounds... but I also know you know what I mean. You've done the same thing, haven't you?

Because our brains are wired that way, to always see the bad - the problem - rather than the good. It used to keep us alive back when we lived in caves.

These days, it's just trouble.

Remember that.

Take 5 minutes to let your world end, then pick yourself up and really look at the situation: is it bad? Or is your brain just a bit of a dick?

p.s. I think writers are even worse about this than normal people. If you want to join my merry band of writer-freaks, you'll be most welcome in Team Moxie. Come, write every day, have a chat, learn stuff, and get better and more confident.

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