How to Write About Yourself (Without Sounding Like a Canoe)

"Aargh! I hate writing my about page!" 

Yep, we all do, toots. We all find it tough.

How do you strike that careful balance between "hilarious, kind, and helpful" and "obnoxious douchecanoe"?


Luckily, I have a quick tip for you – in answer to Krys's question about whether this approach () will work for your website's about page, too.

Short answer: no.

Long answer: watch the video to find out...

  • * Why the back blurb of your book isn't the same as your about page. 
  • * The reasons I might visit your about page (so keep them in mind when you're writing it).
  • * The three questions you need to ask yourself when you're putting your about page together.

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