Episode 309: Be A Client Whisperer with John Holcroft Part 2

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Guest Info — John Holcroft

"Tell me what you want, what you really, really want."

Am I offering the right product or service? Will this new idea for a business work? You can save yourself a fortune in time, money and stress the earlier you find out. After doing everything wrong in his first start-up, and going broke in the process, John discovered how to find out. It isn't pitching. It's listening and caring. It's talking to your clients and helping them share what matters. This is what John's new book 'Be A Client Whisperer' is all about....

Show Notes

Vicky is back with John Holcroft to talk about the book writing process! How did John get started? What challenges did he face, and how did he overcome them? And what does he have on his bedside table? Discover all this and more in this week’s action-packed episode. Enjoy!

 Key Points

  • [3:15] There is a high failure rate with building software because it’s often not useful for prospects to use.
  • [8:10] How long does it take to write a book?
  • [10:15] John started recruiting people for his book early on in the process.
  • [14:00] John learned in school that he hates writing.
  • [20:05] Want to know what John’s book’s about? He’s got a TL;DR version!
  • [24:55] John shares some storytelling lessons he learned from Pixar.
  • [31:25] Some of John’s best feedback were the shortest.
  • [33:05] John had his daughter read his book, and even though it wasn’t his target audience, she had a lot of very useful feedback from home about readability.
  • [37:45] John recognizes that there were so many people who helped his book come into existence.
  • [40:45] John thought he was writing ‘not a real’ book because it was too short.
  • [50:05[ What is John thankful for right now?
  • [51:50] Interested in John’s book? It’s on Amazon! 

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John Holcroft

Be A Client Whisperer: A short guide on getting clients to tell you what matters

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