Episode 308: Be A Client Whisperer with John Holcroft Part 1

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Guest Info — John Holcroft

"Tell me what you want, what you really, really want."

Am I offering the right product or service? Will this new idea for a business work? You can save yourself a fortune in time, money and stress the earlier you find out. After doing everything wrong in his first start-up, and going broke in the process, John discovered how to find out. It isn't pitching. It's listening and caring. It's talking to your clients and helping them share what matters. This is what John's new book 'Be A Client Whisperer' is all about....

Show Notes

This week, Vicky is talking to Team Moxie Member John Holcroft about his new book, Be a Client Whisperer. It’s been a long time coming and it’s worth the wait—join Vicky and John as they dig into why he wrote his book, why everyone needs to read it, and how YOU can become a client whisperer. Part 2 follows next week! 

 Key Points

  • [2:07] John describes how he became an entrepreneur that made a great product nobody wanted.
  • [7:53] A sparks card is not a reward card.
  • [10:59] Another project John worked on that didn’t really go anywhere.
  • [15:15] John started writing a different book called Don’t Start Coding.
  • [16:55] In Chapter Seven of Be a Client Whisperer, John describes the perfect example of people not listening to each other.
  • [20:06] No one notices good marketing. It is when someone just tries to sell, sell, sell that people notice how yucky bad marketing is.
  • [23:35] There are worksheets in John’s book to help business owners change their habits.
  • [26:32] John struggled to interview people for his project.
  • [30:29] What to expect from Part 2 and how to get a copy of Be A Client Whisperer.   

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John Holcroft

Be A Client Whisperer: A short guide on getting clients to tell you what matters

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