Episode 293: Fictional Fun with Emma Dhesi

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Guest Info - Emma 

Emma Dhesi is a book coach who specialises in helping beginner authors write their first novel. Emma helps you improve your craft, provides feedback on your written work and navigates you through the emotional rollercoaster of finishing a novel. For more hands-off assistance, Emma hosts a Facebook group and podcast, both called Turning Readers Into Writers.

Show Notes

This week Vicky and fellow book coach Emma Dhesi talk novels, time, and our reluctance to put ourselves first when it comes to writing our books. Tune in and hear Emma’s strategy for making time to write—and her proven framework for creating scenes that work. Emma is a fiction coach but even if you’re non-fiction only, you’ll enjoy this episode!

 Key Points

  • [2:00] A little bit about Emma and the kind of coaching work she does with authors.
  • [5:00] Emma always wanted to be a writer, but life kept getting in the way.
  • [7:40] How does Emma and her clients find the time to write a book?
  • [12:50] Emma offers tips on how to set boundaries with your little children at home.
  • [15:35] 100% of your book is not just about writing it. There are other parts to consider like research and character development.
  • [19:00] How do you set a scene in a fictional story?
  • [23:25] Be open to completely taking out a scene you’ve written if it’s not working.
  • [25:00] Interested in hiring Emma for your fiction book? Reach out! 

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