Episode 261: Podcast Shenanigans with Kristin Quiroz Bayona

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Guest Info - Kristin Quiroz Bayona

Women and WOC entrepreneurs I see all the time and energy that you put into growing your businesses.

You want to start a podcast to increase your visibility with the right audience, establish your authority, build trust with your community, and expand your business.

But starting a podcast can be intimidating...
-gaining the confidence to share your voice
-getting clear on your podcast vision/goals
-figuring out the tech
-sifting through all the information on the internet for answers
-creating a content calendar
-reaching out to potential guests
-writing scripts
-making sure you have listeners
-leveraging your podcast
-growing your audience

Show Notes

For entirely selfish reasons, Vicky interviews the thoroughly lovely Kristin Quiroz Bayona of Explorer In You—and they talk about the absolute joy of podcasting, storytelling, and diversifying the voices we hear. Tune in to find out all about how starting a podcast can help you get more out of your book—and how to get the most out of any interview appearances you might have. Plus a couple of fab book recommendations!

 Key Points

  • [3:15] Women and their prices, what’s the problem?
  • [5:35] When it comes to empowerment, how much of it is your actual choice vs. what you’re perceived/expected to do?
  • [6:45] How free are your choices?
  • [7:55] What does it mean to have a good money mindset?
  • [10:45] Building wealth is seen as shady business, especially for women.
  • [12:00] Money brings protection, money brings security.
  • [18:10] What is the difference between western vs. non-western feminism? In Africa, it’s seen completely differently.
  • [23:15] We have to separate our own worth vs. money.
  • [28:30] How do we have a healthy relationship with money?
  • [33:00] How did Yinka get into this line of work?
  • [36:40] Trading time for money? It’s just a stage.
  • [39:10] What happens if someone can’t afford to pay you?
  • [42:40] It all boils down to value and your own self worth.

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Kristin Quiroz Bayona, Explorer In You

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