Episode 260: The Joy of Boredom

Show Notes

Vicky explains why you don’t need a flea-ridden blanket to write your book, and nor do you need to go to Turkey. Joe looks on in bewilderment and then makes a really good point about decision fatigue and friction. And there’s a brief rant about lying on the internet. This episode also contains baby goats. Enjoy

Key Points

  • [5:45] Vicky has been busy playing with baby goats.
  • [7:00] Let’s talk about Victor Hugo and his fleas.
  • [9:25] He was supposed to deliver the book, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, but was too busy partying it up like it was 1830.
  • [9:40] Vicky shares her experiences of procrastination and how she forced herself to finally ‘write the book’.
  • [12:35] The brain always wants to do something dramatic and fun, but ultimately, we just need to get the work done.
  • [15:00] If you don’t have a habit, then every time you do that -thing- you’re just making a decision to do it….which can backfire on you.
  • [15:50] Many successful people choose to wear the same thing every day. They need their brain to focus on other decisions.
  • [16:30] You want to 10x your business tomorrow? It’s not shiny, it’s not glamorous, it’s just sitting down and doing the work.
  • [18:25] If you want to see real change, it takes small habitual changes everyday.
  • [20:00] Create a time and space for you to write everyday. Even if it’s for an hour!
  • [21:55] Want to write your book? Reach out to Vicky!

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Wilderness Tips, by Margaret Atwood

The Book of Lost Things, by John Connolly

Victor Hugo

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