Episode 242: Time Travelling for Beginners

Show Notes

After a brief argument about whether or not time travel is possible (it's not), Vicky explains how time travel is, in fact, possible. But not like you think. Not with paradoxes and stepping on ants that turn out to be Hitler, or whatever. In this week's episode, Vicky and Joe talk about the power of story, space archaeology, and why the oldest letter in the world is hilarious.

Key Points

  • [1:40] Vicky and Joe faced some chicken drama.
  • [5:30] Lovely Christmas lights have been put up in the village.
  • [6:35] Is time travel actually possible?
  • [9:10] What is the oldest piece of writing in the world? It was from over 3,000 years ago!
  • [13:10] A little bit of history behind the Bill of Rights, and why people write what they write.
  • [15:20] By reading people’s old love letters and examining how they lived, you can get a better idea of not only what they did, but also how they felt.
  • [17:50] Did organized religion exist before we started farming? Some people believe it didn’t.
  • [20:10] The core of our history showcases that we like to work together and look after each other.
  • [21:25] Even if you think no one is interested in your story, people are!
  • [23:25] Can Vicky convince Joe to get a puppy? Stay tuned.

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