Episode 239: How to Avoid Looking Like an Amateur

Show Notes

In an incredible twist of irony, Vicky and Joe are talking about how to avoid looking like an amateur, whilst doing a tremendous job of being absolute amateurs on this podcast. Enjoy the uncontrollable fit of giggles while Joe fails to find his forehead with his own hand, and then settle in as our hosts share the most common mistakes first-time authors make with their books. Just because your book is self-published doesn't mean it needs to LOOK self-published. Check this out...


Key Points

  • [2:25] Vicky dyed her hair and now she has blue ears.
  • [6:15] Just because you’re self published doesn’t mean you have to look self-published!
  • [8:35] Do not do your book cover yourself.
  • [11:05] Odds numbered pages are always, always on the right hand side.
  • [11:45] Let’s talk about inner book navigation.
  • [15:40] The white spaces and margins are a dead giveaway whether something has been published vs. self-published.
  • [20:00] How should you think about text layout?
  • [22:05] Hiring certain professionals in this process is money well spent.
  • [24:15] Check the little details! Vicky shares what she means.
  • [26:10] Interested in barcode readers? Joe knows the answer to it.
  • [27:45] Just become a person who writes everyday.
  • [29:55] How do you finish a chapter? Tune in next week!

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