Episode 192: How To Outline Your Business Book Lightning-Fast

This week, I'm having such a bad hair day that I'm wearing a bobble hat – but at least there's less spluttering.  Joe and I talk about the books we're currently reading, then dive into why writing an outline isn't as miserable as your teachers made it seem, and how to do it in such a way that writing your book becomes a dream. Or, much easier and quicker, at least. Tune in to find out how you could cut your writing time by a third or more.

Key Points

  • [2:10] Joe is currently reading The Wheel of Time series.
  • [4:40] Vicky shares how she loves N. K. Jemisin’s work.
  • [6:25] Do you get stuck before you get started?
  • [7:00] To help you through this, Vicky will be breaking down how to write a detailed outline for your book.
  • [9:40] Vicky wishes teachers would have explained the importance of writing an outline, and showed her this technique to make writing anything down a lot easier.
  • [9:55] First things first. Write a recap of why you’re writing this book in the first place.
  • [10:30] By the way: Vicky’s latest book is available for sale!!
  • [11:00] What is a book compass?
  • [12:00] Write down your ideal reader avatar.
  • [12:15] What is the problem you’re trying to solve with this book?
  • [13:35] By the time you’re done with this exercise you will have a clearer idea of why you’re writing this book.
  • [14:00] Write a ‘brain dump’ of sorts to catch all of your ideas on paper that may or may not be related to your book.
  • [16:05] Write a rough outline of your chapter headings or the main topics you want to talk about. Don’t worry, they might change in the future.
  • [17:55] With each chapter you’ve created, break down the ‘details’ of what will be in each chapter.
  • [21:20] Create a nice transition point or flow in your book by summarizing the next chapter.
  • [21:55] Vicky shares some examples of what this outline will look like.
  • [25:15] You can outline your entire book in less than a day!
  • [28:50] Don’t just start by writing a book. You will get lost and frustrated. Write down your ideas, break it down into chunks, and then go from there!

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The Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

The Fifth Season, by N. K. Jemisin

Deep Work, by Cal Newport

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