Deeper not wider

"But why?"

That's the question I was asking myself as I did an online flexibility class.

The teacher was firing instructions at us and I was struggling to keep up.

I'm bendier than the average 41-year-old human bean, but nothing like as flexible as her. So I couldn't get my limbs into the positions she was telling us to.

And worse, I didn't understand why she was telling us to do certain things.

There were quite a lot of people in that Zoom class, and there was no feedback. No adjustments. Just rapid-fire instructions.

Afterwards, I thought about the difference between classes like that, and the classes we run at Pure-Studios.

Annie took everything online (in the space of a damn weekend by the way!) and we started teaching via Zoom.

We can see everyone doing the moves and we can call people out and give them adjustments specific to them. Like:

"Harriet, bring your hands a little closer together. Good!"

"Joe, push your bum up towards the ceiling and straighten your legs. Yep, perfect!"

"Sarah, just bring your foot back a bit so your hips are square. Feel the stretch now? Great!"

And we explain things. "Tilt your hips under because your hip flexors attach at the small of your back and run all the way under and up to to your abs. When you tilt your hips, you get a more intense stretch instead of letting your back do all the work."

When you understand why you're doing something, and the benefit it brings, you're more likely to do it properly – and get a better result.

It's incredibly tempting to throw everything you have at your courses and products and articles... but how about, instead, you go deeper and narrower?

Give a really intense hamstring stretching session instead of a whole-body quick-fire once-over that doesn't really give you what you need.

Instead of teaching people how to bake all kinds of bread, focus specifically on sourdough buns. Or focaccia. Or ciabatta.

And, as I'm about to do on June 1, instead of cramming your brain full of every single piece of information on writing and self-publishing, instead go deep and intensive and write a great book in 90 days.

(Ooh, say what?)

Yep, I'm super excited to subtly drop a hint about my new live course Blank Page to Book in 90 Days. Registration opens on May 1. If you want to write a book – if you find yourself with enough time, or you want to come out of lockdown with a book to your name – this is the course for you.

Put it in your calendar and I'll let you know when you can put your name down.

In the meantime though, I have one prerequisite: you must have read my book How The Hell Do You Write A Book so you'll be starting at a run, not from a standstill.

If you haven't got a copy already, you can get it from here.

Use the code MYCORONA for 25 % off 🙂

p.s. if you're creating products and courses and services at the moment, go deep. We make the mistake of thinking value is more more more... it's not. More is overwhelming. Value is coming out of a course or product with a new skill, something tangible.

p.p.s. maybe your book could go deep into what you have to share. Grab a copy of my book here and keep your eyes peeled for the course registration...

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