? Dead before you even start

My buddy Dom Hodgson is Europe's leading Pet Biz Coach.

He's a cheeky monkey and he's the Pet Biz Wiz and he gets astounding results for his clients.

He also gets... comments from armchair experts.

Like this one, which appeared on one of his Facebook ads for his 7 Day Dog Walkers Business Building Workshop:

"Don't do it.. you will never make a living from it... too many out there"

Dom replied: "Not true, but thanks for playing"

Armchair expert: "definitley the truth.. wasted a fortune setting up.. total waste. Good luck tho"

There's a couple of problems with this armchair expert. Actually more than a couple but time is limited.

First: he assumed that because his business didn't work, that the business model won't work.

This is astonishingly arrogant as well as being a real shame.

It seems to have not occurred to him that he could try different things and find what works; nope. Nothing will work for anyone ever because it didn't work for him.

If only he'd keep his negativity to himself instead of spreading it like a dickhead on a crowded beach in July 2020.

Second: if that's his attitude, he never will succeed at anything. He's dead before he even starts.

Attitude is everything. Everything I do happens inside my head before it happens outside: and that goes for business and life.

A little while ago, someone commented that writing a book "seems unfeasible". Clearly it's not, because I've done it many many times, and many of my clients have done it.

But to that person, it IS unfeasible and will remain so until she decides otherwise.

There's more than one way to do almost everything. Just because something didn't work first time, that's no reason to give up.

Try something else.

Keep trying - especially if others around you are succeeding. If they can do it, you can too.

p.s. this is part of the reason I set up Team Moxie and the daily Power Hours: I wanted to show people they CAN write a book and they CAN get better at writing. The first step is showing up to write. Are you ready to show up and write?

Join us here.

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