Come up with the Big Book Idea that people really want to read.

Big Book Idea Generator

Waiting for inspiration to strike is a damn good way to make sure you never write that book lurking in your head.

Are you stuck on your Big Idea, wondering how to get your creativity going?

Wondering if anyone will actually want to read the book you’re planning to write—or are you struggling to come up with any decent ideas at all? No worries. That’s very common. There are three possible reasons you’re doing everything but writing your book right now:

1. You kind of have an idea but you’re not sure it’s a good one or that anyone will actually want to buy your book and read it once you’ve written it.


2. You know you want to write a book—there’s definitely the germ of an idea buried in your skull—but you can’t nail it down and make it solid.


3. You have 4,197 ideas and you want to write them all at once and your Big Book Idea has turned into mashed potato and now you don’t know what to do next.

Let me guess…

You seem to be surrounded by people who come up with brilliant ideas all the time. You keep seeing great books that you know you could have written if you’d just had an idea sooner, but when it comes to nailing down your Big Idea for your book, you’re stumped.

You’re bombarded by “inspirational” quotes that seem to get everyone else moving but not you. Every online guru and their dog seems to be sharing inspiration quotes and motivational memes. Other people have no trouble coming up with ideas. What’s got you stuck? Why can’t you find the inspiration you need to get started?

You’re confused by mixed messages. Everyone’s always banging on about how crucial it is to be unique, but you feel like everything’s already been said in your industry. How can you come up with an idea that’s fresh and new for your book?

You have no idea how to tell if you have a good idea for your book or not. It could be great. It could be crap. What if nobody wants to read it?

You don’t have a dramatic “origin story” where you went from living in a shoe to living in a mansion, or you had a big epiphany that gave you a giant “why”. Does your book have to be about that?

What if your Big Idea isn’t so big and you don’t have enough thoughts or material to write a 200-page book? You’re worried your idea isn’t big or meaty enough.

Other bestselling books have been written by people who’ve been in business for decades, but you only started your business in the last few years. How can you possibly know enough to write a whole book? And will anyone take your Big Idea seriously?

Let’s end the agony… 

and uncover a fan-bloody-tastic Big Idea that’ll get you writing your book fast

It’s time to start your book!

All you need to crack on is an idea. Any idea.

But if it’s a GOOD idea, you’ll find it easier to write and your book will be better. So I’m going to help you come up with a fantastic idea for your book—fast.

Here’s the workbook that my clients and I have used to get their book ideas out of their heads and onto the page fast. Sometimes, in just an hour.

The Moxie Books Big Book Idea Generator

A printable guide and mini-workbook with practical steps to help you figure out what your audience wants to read, and connect it to what you want to write about.

Love examples? Includes a selection of Big Ideas from some of my clients and a breakdown of Big Book Ideas from some of my favourite authors.

“Vicky, that first time I heard you speak way up north in Sunderland, I went home with 7 book ideas. […] You are my creative fairy!”

Sally Cousins

I didn’t think the 5 day challenge would help me in anyway because I already had a book idea, but I watched along to show support for Vicky as she did the challenge. On day 2 she said think about what your customers ask you the most, and write a book based on that. A light bulb went off in my mind. I knew exactly what I get asked by my customers or rather students in my case. So this book is the most common questions my students ask me when they first start learning to program in Python.

Julia Roebuck

You'll Learn...

Where inspiration really comes from—and how to take full control of your creative process

Why you don’t need a totally unique idea to write a totally unique book that your ideal readers will love

How to turn your insatiable curiosity and sense of fun into profitable ideas for your book

The 3 simple questions you need to ask your clients to come up with a fistful of great book ideas

The “random connections” method of coming up with banging book ideas

How to take your quirks and use them to make your Big Book Idea stand out

What your reader really wants from your book in order to make them pull out their wallet and buy it—and then chase you down for more of your products and services, whether you’re an animal trainer, fitness instructor, cartoonist, music teacher, private tutor, boutique confectioner, or designer

You'll get...

  • Examples of the Moxie Books idea connections in action, on books that are already out there being read—plus, my favourite ideas.

  • A roundup of how totally different business owners in different industries can take this process and come up with amazing ideas for their books.

  • A bonus section on cultivating creativity—not just for writing books, but for everywhere in your life and business.

  • Loads of examples of how people have come up with a quirky idea for their book, despite being in a “saturated market”.

  • Your Big Book Idea thought up and ready to write, finally—so you’re ready to sit down and do the work.

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