Are you a shenanigator?

Seth Godin calls it making a ruckus.

Which I like.

But I call it being a shenanigator.

(Well, I do now, ever since my friend Jodie sent me a thing explaining that the word "shenanigator" means "one who instigates shenanigans.)

I am a shenanigator.

I create mini-adventures in the woods. I instigate the buying of crazy old cottages that need renovating. I arrive home with random TinySheep. I write books, and I have opinions.

You're a business owner. I bet you're a shenanigator, too, right?

With tales to tell and adventures to share?

Your customers and clients want to hear those stories.

Go forth and instigate shenanigans.

Then write about them.

p.s. the absolutely best place EVER to write down your tall tales and shenanigans is in your very own book. And the best place to start doing that is by reading my book and following my Tiny Beetle Steps. You can get a copy here, plus a bunch of cool bonuses.

p.p.s. I've written the word "shenanigans" so many times now it doesn't feel like a real word anymore.

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