Day 26: Do you drink alcohol?

I don’t. Haven’t for nearly two years now.

(I don’t care if you do, btw. Each to their own!)

It started as an experiment because I didn’t like the habit I was getting into, and I have a tendency towards addictions if I’m not careful.

So I just… stopped.

And to my surprise, I didn’t start again!

And boy do I feel better for it.

I’ve discovered the most delicious non-alcoholic beers, a Nosecco, and some yummy drinks like Seedlip and Clean G, which go great with tonic in a sunny garden.

Best of all, I’ve lost that anxious out-of-control feeling and the subsequent nauseating headache that always came with a drink.

A little bonus (for me anyway) is that when people are around a non-drinker, after they’ve stopped trying to get you to justify it and insinuating that you’re boring, they drink less.

Which is awesome because I HATE being around drunk people. They make me feel very uneasy.

So my prompt for today, which is not loaded with anything except promptiness, is:

Do you drink alcohol?


(I like this question because when someone who does drink finds out I don’t drink, they always ask why in a slightly defensive manner. So I ask them why they drink and watch them squirm.)

Or why not?

Set your timer for 5 minutes and write write write!

Maybe what comes out will surprise you…

Happy writing!



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