Day 26: What are you curious about right now?

One of my favourite podcasts at the moment is Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness.

It’s so fun. JVN is one of the Fab Five from Queer Eye, in case you didn’t know, and I love him because like me he is interested in LITERALLY EVERYTHING so he made a podcast in which he goes and finds out stuff, and interviews experts.

It’s also a Netflix show now which is brilliant.

For example, he wanted to know all about skyscrapers in an episode titled “Are skyscrapers huge divas?” (answer: YES).

Another episode: “Are bugs gorgeous or gross?” (answer: YES).

Right now, I’m curious about the brain. I’m reading Do No Harm by Henry Marsh, who was a neurosurgeon. This is his memoir.

And I’m now obsessed with how our brains work and how all our thoughts and hopes and dreams are somehow contained in a big blob of jelly in our skulls.

Other things I’m currently curious about: how plumbing works and whether copper or plastic is better; how to repot cacti; the fall of the Soviet Union; how viruses work; how noise cancelling headphones work (MAGIC I TELL YOU).

Today’s prompt: use something you’re curious about as a jumping off point for your writing.

What is it? Why do you want to know more? What can you find out from a quick search? What else does it lead you to?

Happy writing!



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