Day 24: Childhood friends


Now that's out of the way: today’s prompt is to write about childhood friends.

Did you have any? That might seem like an odd question, but I didn’t have many friends as a kid.

I was socially awkward. Weird. Didn’t know the rules of conversation or games. Struggled to fit in.

And I’m always boggled when I meet people and they’re still good friends with people they went to school with. Like, how?

I’m not in touch with anyone from my primary school at all, and only one person from my secondary school (who is fabulous).

I did have an imaginary friend who was an octopus though. It was pretty stressful tbh because he was obviously out of water, and I spent a lot of time worrying that he’d dry out and drown.

Making friends always baffled me; still does, really.

So—set a timer for 5 minutes and write about childhood friends.

See what pops out.

Happy writing!



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