Day 24: What skills do you love using?

Today’s prompt is a sneakily disguised exercise in getting you to articulate what you’re fantastic at, and what you love doing.

Your superpower, if you like.

You can choose more than one, and it doesn’t have to be work or business related…

As for me… let's see.

I love love love seeing right to the heart of people’s message or core story for their book, and coaxing it out of them.

I love showing someone how they could take that Big Idea and shape it into something that will make an incredible book.

And I love seeing their confidence grow as they do so.

I also love creating dances to perform on the trapeze to my favourite music.

So there’s that.

Your turn: set a timer for 5 minutes and write about the skills you love using and why.

Now read it back. Is it on your website? In your bio? Do you talk about it in public?

Maybe it’s time to start…

Happy writing!



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