Day 24: Ice cream sundae

Did you know the ice-cream sundae was invented because of religion?

So we have misery bears to thank for a delicious treat.

(Or at least that’s one explanation—there seem to be several origin stories...)

Back in 1890, Evanston, Illinois, was very religious—with such strict rules that they made it illegal to sell soda on a Sunday.

That meant Garwood’s drugstore was no longer able to sell its famous Ice Cream Soda on a Sunday. Not to be discouraged in their enterprise, the proprietors simply started selling ice-cream with the soda syrup on top, instead of mixing it with the soda.

The locals were delighted and the Ice-Cream Sunday was invented.

It wasn’t long before Garwoods realised they could sell the Ice-Cream Sunday on any day of the week—and make more cash.

So they renamed and respelled the dessert Ice-Cream Sundae, making it a suitable treat for any day of the week.

[I read this story in Trevor Toecracker Crook’s email a while ago, and it delighted me.]

Oh, right—the prompt. Today’s writing prompt is this: go to the Atlas Obscura website and find an interesting factoid, and write about it.

Ideas are everywhere if you open your eyes...




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