Day 24: National Cocktail Day

I used to love a cocktail. These days, I’m a mocktail gal.

Either way, a blend of flavours exploding on my tongue is a delight—and the sillier and more extravagant the drink, the better.

There’s a bar in Bath called The Botanist, and when I went there with my cousin, I had the most magnificent concoction. It poured smoke over the brim and down onto the bar, and changed colour in the most delightful way.

You can keep your umbrellas; I want a volcano in a glass or nothing.

Creativity is everywhere—including food and drink... and I’m even more impressed when there’s a creative mocktail menu, too.

Anyway: today’s prompt. Write about a cocktail or mocktail you’ve had—but not just the drink. That’s not so important. Where were you, and with whom? Why were you there? What happened, what were you feeling, and what was going on around you?

Happy writing!



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