Day 20: Silliest thing you’ve ever done

Okay, now consider: what’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done?

Perhaps it was the same as the scariest thing, who knows.

Honestly I’ve done so many silly things during my life, it’s hard to nail down just one… but one thing that springs to mind is the hotel that never was.

A few days after our holiday to Kalymnos a few years ago, I got an email from the Hilton Hotel near the airport, thanking us for staying with them and hoping we’d enjoyed our trip.

Wait. What?

What hotel? We didn’t stay at a hotel.

A little digging uncovered the fact that past Vicky had been super sensible.

Before we left I booked a hotel for when we got back. I knew we’d be landing really late, and we didn’t fancy a long drive home in the early hours of the morning, after a long day travelling.

Safety first, you know?

So I booked a hotel.

And immediately wiped that fact from my brain.

We landed, got in the car… and drove home.

To make matters worse, I kept falling asleep in the passenger seat and dreaming we were crashing, so I’d wake up and scream.

It was super fun for Joe.

Anyway, your turn: set a timer and write about a time you did something silly.




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