Day 18: Your work ethic

How would you describe your work ethic?

Is it what you want it to be? Or do you wish you could change it?

For example, I am continually fighting against the ingrained European Western capitalist work ethic of bascially work until you’re dead, rest is something to feel guilty about, we must always be productive all the time.

Honestly—fuck that.

But actually living a different way is another can of beans altogether, because the moment we take that rest, the second we let go of the idea that it’s okay to bum around for a day, the shame rushes in.

For me, anyway.

My work ethic isn’t what I want it to be, yet.

I want it to be something like this: always doing my absolute best for my clients, helping them to write the best books they possibly can, and be the best writers they can possibly be. And doing as little hustle as possible to find those clients.

I want to write my own stuff, just for fun.

I want more time to play—not for any purpose, for the sheer joy of it.

And I want more time with my amazing husband, and the other people I love.

I’d like my work ethic to be: I am a useful, kind, encouraging person in my community, and not everything has to be “productive”, and joy for its own sake is worthwhile.

I’d like a world where there isn’t any poverty because it simply doesn’t make sense for there to be any.

A post-this-version-of-capitalism world, I guess.

I’m getting there and I’m privileged to be able to think about things this way.

How about you?

Set a timer for 5 minutes and find out what you think.

Happy writing!



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