Day 18: Is laziness bad?

After yesterday’s musing on laziness, I invite you to consider this question today:

Is laziness bad?

For me, I guess it depends on how you define laziness.

If we mean, not bothering to do stuff that needs doing for the good of yourself, your family, and your community—it’s not ideal, right?

But if we mean laziness in the sense that we have come to understand it through the lens of western capitalism—no. It’s a good thing.

Rest is good.

Rest isn’t laziness.

Rest is necessary.

I struggle with this partly because my ADHD means I am never still. I find it almost impossible to just. chill. out.

And I also struggle with it because honestly I feel like I am lazy if I’m chilling out. If I’m doing nothing “productive” with my time right now.

And that, friend, SUCKS.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and start pouring your thoughts out about whether laziness is bad. Or good. See what happens!

Happy writing!



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