Day 16: White dog poo

Do you remember white dog poo?

I do.

It used to be everywhere, all over pavements and things when I was a kid. I don’t mean that to sound like we were swimming in dogshit; we weren’t. But it was ubiquitous.

That was in the old days, when I lived adjacent to a pretty deprived area, and our haunts were all over the place. There was more litter around. And white dog poo.

People didn’t pick up their dog poo back then.

And dog food wasn’t as good as it is today—because I’ve just been on a white dog poo safari and discovered it was white because of undigested calcium! Apparently lower quality dog food in ye olden days contained less fruit and veg, and more crushed up bones—hence the calcium making the dog poo white.

So I’ve cleared that up for you.

You’re welcome.

What else do you remember from your childhood that kind of stands out as an icon?

Another one for me was trainers tied together and slung over telegraph wires. Why? I always wondered. And I’ll come back to it…

Over to you now. Set a timer for 5 minutes and write about whatever pops into your head based on white dog poo, or images from your childhood.

Happy writing!



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