Day 15: What skills do you want to improve?

I have a quiet little loathing for the word “better”.

I hates it.

It’s vague and meaningless and it lets us off the hook.

Like when people promise, “I’ll help you become a better writer.” I mean, what does that mean? Better how? It’s very subjective, for a start.

Much better—ahahahaha—to ask what skills do I want to improve?

Do I want to be funnier? More persuasive? Evoke more feelings? Learn to write vividly descriptive prose? Create beautiful sonnets?

My prompt to you today is: instead of wanting to be “better” at something, instead consider this—what skills do you want to improve?


Then remember that question whenever imposter syndrome comes and hits you in the face with this idea that we need to be “better”. Well, fine, darling—but let’s start by defining better.

Set a timer, and write your thoughts.



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