Day 12: Do you do resolutions?

I used to do New Year Resolutions until I realised they made me feel like shit.

And also, I was totally unrealistic about my time, my motivation, and what I actually care about.

So I don't do them anymore.

Instead, I focus on my habits and the person I want to be. Rather than focus on one big goal, I think about what I want to achieve, and who I have to be to get there.

Then it's one Tiny Beetle Step at a time, every day, to get there.

Resolutions are a destination. I'm more interested in the journey.

How about you?

No shade if you do resolutions. Do they work for you? If so, that's banging. Did you achieve what you wanted to this year?

What do you want to achieve next year?

How will you get there?

Set a timer for 5 minutes and sketch out a plan—or write about why you don't make resolutions. Or write something else entirely!

Happy writing!


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