Day 11: Favourite spice blend?

I know this is really random but bear with me: what’s your favourite spice blend?

What I’m really asking is: what does it remind you of?

Mine is dukkah, an Egyptian spice blend heavy on the cumin. It reminds me of the month I spent in Egypt when I was at uni… I studied archaeology and ancient history with a focus on ancient Egypt, and part of my degree was a research trip out to Egypt.

I spent a few days in Cairo being a tourist, then got the train down to Karnak and stayed on the West Bank, which is much quieter than the touristy areas. While we were there, we ate the most incredible salads and vegetable dishes, and I was introduced to dukkah. That smell and taste takes me right back there.

After Karnak, we hopped back on the train to El Kab and on to Abu Simbel, right in the south of Egypt almost at the border with Sudan.

It was an incredible experience: we rode camels to the Great Pyramid, rode horses into the desert at sunrise, bobbed along on donkeys through sugar cane, and went searching for lesser-known tombs and temples.

I was so lucky to be able to do that trip, and every time I want to remember it, I go in search of dukkah, and cumin.

What food smells, what spice blends, trigger good memories for you?

Set a timer and dig around in your brain.

Happy writing!



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