Day 11: Memorable birthdays

I don’t remember many of my childhood birthdays. In fact, I don’t remember any of them. I don’t remember parties or gifts; and I’m sure I had them. Gifts, at least.

I mostly had a great childhood; I’m lucky.

But my memory of my childhood is sketchy at best. Apparently this is very common in people with ADHD, and I just thought I had a terrible memory. Or that I was delivered by aliens.

It’s funny, though, because I do remember a couple of my little brother’s parties.

And I definitely remember a lot of my birthday cakes—because my dad was an extremely skilled cake maker. Decorator, anyway. He made us the most incredible creations—stables, with a horse in; a golf course; a fishing pond; a fairy castle; a medieval castle; and, for my 40th birthday, this amazing circus-themed cake.

He’d pick one of our hobbies or interests at the time, and create something special for us. Mum would make the cake; dad would decorate it. He’d get really into it and spend hours and hours on the most minute details.

So I don’t remember any specific birthdays, really, but I do remember knowing how much my parents loved me, because they paid attention and they put in the effort.

I’m lucky.

What about you? Any memorable birthdays? Why?

Set a timer and let that be your prompt.

Happy writing!



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