Day 11: Student or teacher?

Do you prefer being a student or teacher?


Tricksy one, this. I love both.

I love learning new stuff without the responsibility of teaching someone else… but I also know that I learn a TON when I’m a teacher.

When I’m teaching trapeze or pole, for instance, I learn a lot about different communication styles. About how people learn.

I learn new ways to explain what I’m trying to teach.

And it’s the same when I teach creative writing or book writing skills, when I coach and mentor writers and authors.

I love it—I love seeing the lightbulb moments in people’s eyes.

I love seeing them realise they can do this—that they are good writers and storytellers and communicators.

And I love learning from them. Not just about becoming a more effective and fun teacher and mentor and coach, but what I can learn about life, and what they do, and how I can see the world from someone else’s point of view.

I love to see if I can change my mind about something.

Being a teacher, for me, is also being a student.

Life is both, for me.

How about you?

Set a timer for 5 minutes, and see where this train of thought leads you.

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Happy writing!



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