Day 11: Women + girls in science

A thing you may not know about me: I am a science nerd.

For a while, I studied physics with the Open University for the lolz.

There weren’t many physicists who looked like me when I was a kid, so it didn’t really occur to me to be one—as Jocelyn Bell Burnell said, “When I became a professor of physics circa 1991, I doubled the number of female professors of physics in the UK.”

Representation matters!

Which is why I am SO FUCKING PASSIONATE about people telling their stories. Everyone needs to see someone who looks like them, who is a misfit like them, who loves like them doing something they want to do.

Anyway, that aside: today is International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

That’s today’s prompt.

What I would REALLY love is for you to write a little about a woman or not-man in science who’s inspired you, and tag me on social media—because I love discovering new non-dude science nerds.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell is one of my faves.

Who’s yours? Set your timer for 5 minutes and tell me please!

Happy writing!



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