December 4: My Stint on Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing Formula Podcast!

Waaaay back in the depths of the pandemic

(June 2020)

I was invited onto Mark Dawson and James Blatch’s Self Publishing Show podcast to talk about storytelling in nonfiction books.

We had a blast, and loads of people got in touch to say how much they enjoyed it.

(Some of them are clients now waves)

So I thought you might like to listen in too.

We talked about:

  • Building strong habits to support your writing
  • Why storytelling matters in nonfiction books
  • How a well-told story helps people retain information
  • When you’re writing nonfiction, what story are you telling?
  • The emotional element of readers’ buying choices

Check it out here, and then let me know if you found it useful — and how you’re going to use it in your book!

Writing Prompt

And now for your daily writing prompt.

What’s a podcast (or radio show) you’ve listened to recently and enjoyed?

Did it create The Driveway Effect?

(when you’re so engrossed you just in your car and finish listening when you get home)


Set a timer for 5 minutes and write.

(And please share the podcast episode with me because I am always on the lookout for good audio!)



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Notes in the Margin

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