Day 4: A thing in nature that fascinates you

Well this wasn’t an easy prompt for me because so many things in nature fascinate me.

But I had to choose one and so: hermit crabs.

Did you know that when hermit crabs are ready to upsize their shells, they form a queue? A hermit crab who is feeling squeezed will find a new shell and try it out. If it’s too big for them, the crab will wait outside.

Soon, another hermit crab seeking a larger home will turn up. It’ll assess the shells on offer—the empty one and the other crab’s shell, and it will line up accordingly. And on, until there is a queue of hermit crabs.

Eventually, a big crab will arrive and the big empty shell will be the perfect size for it—at which point, each crab vacates its old tight shell, and takes possession of its roomy new one.

And all the crabs go about their business.


Your turn.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and write about something in nature that absolutely fascinates you.

Happy writing!



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